The name`s Bas Hesen, and I am a Dutch freelance animator. I mostly specialize in all aspects of digital character animation, from modeling and rigging to animating and rendering.

My major strength is that I can script my own tools to expand the functionality of Maya and greatly improve my efficiency.

My interest in tool-building is twofold.
On the one hand, I am interested in interface design and the way in which artists use their tools. This means the clarity of the interface is really important and the tools have to be very reliable. Sometimes that means constraining the functionality a bit.
On the other hand I want to make tools for myself, my own efficiency. Often times I do not need an elaborate interface and if a script behaves oddly, I know where to look to fix it. My scripts are very compartmentalised and a lot of small snippets are designed to be general purpose. This philosophy is especially true with my new rigging scripts that I am developing at the moment.

Originally I am schooled as an independent animator. I still am very much fascinated by every aspect of animation, expecially motion and expression through movement.
I like to explore different ways of creating animations, regardless of the medium.

I am looking forward to applying all that I have learned in future project. So please contact me for any artistic proposals.

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Fonds BKVB supports my efforts to further develop my technical skills and artistic side of animation by granting me a starters stipendium

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Newton`s 3rd wins Dioraphte student award at Cinedans 2009.


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