This is a short story I wrote as a school assignment back in 2006. The assignment was to pick a genre and write a short story for illustration. Since I usually don`t write scary stories, I thought it would be fun to try.
I dug it up and rewrote it because I thought it might make a nice subject for the cgtalk b-movie challenge. But upon reading back what I had written it seemed far to gruesome for a campy b-movie theme.

There`s this old lady, you see. She likes cats and lives with a dozen of them. They are the nicest cats you`ll ever see. They purr and are very playful. One sunday afternoon the old lady is about to feed her cats. She reaches in the cabinets, shifts around the cans of beans, bread, cleaning supplies and rat poison...but only finds an empty can of catfood. It is sunday and the stores are closed. Oh, she likes her cats so much, but how is she going to feed them now?

Outside she sees how some of her cats are trying to catch a bird. The birds are just too fast for the cats to grab them. Again she looks in the cabinet and an idea arises. Moments later she throws the old bread covered with rat poison in the yard. The cats are a bit wary and sniff the poisoned bread. It makes them sneeze. The old lady shoos them away into the house. The bread is not for them. With the cats out of the yard, the birds feast on the bread. One by one the birds drop to the ground as they try to fly off. The lady collects the birds and puts them in front of the cats. The cats are wary still. Before, they were playing with the birds. Now they don`t fly away anymore. Carfully some start to knaw on the birds. The others follow. And it is not to long before the basket of birds is completely empty, save some feathers. The lady is happy that she was able to feed her darlings.

The days that follow, the cats start to behave differently. They don`t purr anymore, and they don`t even touch their canned catfood. They stalk the lady. Hiss at her when she tries to pet them. They just sit there, stare at her... day and night. In the yard she sees the cats again, trying to catch the birds. Only this time it isn`t like playing no more. They are more agressive. The cats are more rugged, some have bald spots. The lady is near desparation and decides to do what the cats so obviously want her to do. She poisons the bread once again and disperses it in the yard. The cats stand back in the house. Calculated they sit and stare out into the yard. The birds come, they eat and they drop to the ground. They are just starting to feel the effects of the poison. Unable to fly, only flap their wing furiously in panic. The cats shoot out of the house, tear to pieces the helpless birds. The lady looks in the yard, appalled, shocked and scared by her own sweet cats. They leave not a piece of their prey.
Then, they look at the lady. They are still hungry. Maddened by the poison they ingested through the birds, hungry for flesh. The lady sees the cats turning to her and flees from the back door. Out of the kitchen, but everywhere she goes she encounters her calm demented cats. They trap her in her bedroom upstairs. There, she locks herself in. She hears the cats scratching at the door, miauwing, hissing. For days this continues. The clawing sounds heavier and heavier, the door ever more thin and fragile...

No one knows where these cats went. They didn`t leave much of the old lady, though. Some say they eventually died by the poison. Others believe they still roam the streets, hunting for food. If you want my advice, just watch your back when you hear scratching sounds and keep your pets inside.